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Premium Seafoods Group - Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Canada has one of the world’s most respected fish inspection and quality control systems. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) sets the policies, requirements and inspection standards for fish products, federally registered fish and seafood processing establishments, importers, fishing vessels, and equipment used for handling, transporting and storing fish. Canada’s fish inspection and control system contributes to Canada’s worldwide reputation for safe, wholesome fish and seafood products. Buyers can be assured that seafood from Premium Seafoods Group meets the increasingly rigorous safety and wholesomeness standards required by the world’s major seafood markets.

The Premium Seafoods Group takes great pride in providing quality safe, healthy and sustainable seafood. Our two processing facilities are federally registered and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. They both have an approved HACCP based Quality Management Program, and are regularly federally inspected. These modern plants with state of the art equipment and a stringent Quality Management Program insures our products are the best the ocean has to offer, and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Premium Seafoods Group - Quality Assurance

We have our own in-house laboratory for daily testing of our Atlantic Snow Crab finished product, allowing us real time analysis and control of our product before it leaves our facility.