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Sourcing Our Product

Local Source

Close to the Catch
Outstanding seafood at our doorstep. Premium Seafoods Group sources the majority of its seafood from the cold, clean waters of the Canadian North Atlantic. It is from these waters that it catches and or purchases Atlantic Snow Crab, Canadian Lobster, Northern Shrimp, Haddock and Ocean Perch.

Reliable Supplier
Being able to provide a quality product and a reliable supply to our customers starts with having great relationships with our local independent harvesters. Over the years, Premium Seafoods Group has built strong relationships with local independent harvesters who are committed to catching quality seafood. These relationships have given Premium Seafoods Group a consistent supply of fresh raw product while benefiting the harvesters and communities that depend on the fisheries for their way of life.

Premium Seafoods Group has built strong partnerships with many local First Nations communities who have expanded their fisheries greatly in the last decade. We are proud to work with many of these communities including Eskasoni First Nations, Chapel Island First Nations, Waycobah First Nations and Membertou First Nations.

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Global Sourcing
Premium Seafoods Group recognizes that the seafood business is now global. In order to complement the raw material from our own fisheries, and broaden the assortment we can offer our customers, we source seafood from around the world in countries such as the USA, Norway and China. Our suppliers are chosen because of twww.cushycms.comnd ability to meet our high Canadiwww.cushycms.comtandards.

Premium Seafoods Limited

This site provides information to vessel operators, Associations or any vessel representative with an interest in knowing when, where and for how long gear used for the Exploratory Whelk Survey will be in the water in Area 4 W. The Table below presents the following information:
1. Estimates of dates and time when gear is set and hauled -
2. Set locations by latitude and longitude -
3.  Amount of survey gear set ( number of strings and pots per string)
4. Shape and Colour of gear markers
5. Any other pertinent information
Note:  "As in all marine activities, predicted schedules are always subject to marine and weather conditions and hence prescribed circumstances are subject to change, the licence holders will wherever possible endeavour to ensure any changes to scheduled events will be reflected in updated notifications as soon as possible."

Estimated date and time gear set: June 12th, 2014
Estimated date and time gear hauled: June 13th, 2014
Set location: 4W 
Latitude Set location: Latitude : 434307.9
Longitude Number of strings: Longitude : 600909.4
Number of pots per string:25 pots per string, 15 strings
Shape and Colour of Gear Marker: Round/yellow/red

Other pertinent information: